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Do you know that some names that were given to African prints even suggest a popular proverb, an important personality or event?

When we are born, we are wrapped in a wax print. It is a maior part of every African’s heritage and every wax print tells a unique African story. African fashion designers helped to make the African prints and textiles more popular. When it comes to African fashion, the imperfections of African prints are considered unique and beautiful, along with textile’s origins and colors.
If you want a unique handmade African print, then visit our centre women and young people are designing your favourite print from dresses to pillow cases.

Children’s art activity #postcovid19

While some of venues, cultural organisations and some School buildings may be closed, engaging in the visual arts is more important for children and their families now than ever. Solidarityhull CIC invited children and families to participate on our online art activity. The children’s art activities is a fantastic opportunity to encourage families and their children to take part in fun, creative activities that will help the children not to feel isolated during this pandemic.


The wide range of activities that have been available at Solidarity Hul,  have giving us the opportunity to be active in our community within a fun and safe environment, allowing us to explore the world by sharing our experiences. Solidarity Hull aims to create a safe space for families and young people, where we all can grow together as a community and be active contributors to the wider Hull society. 

Solidarity Hull in London visiting our sister organisation NOMAD.

Art workshop facilitated by all of us.

Centre opening hours: Every Wednesday : 10am -15:30pm
Address: 70-72 Charles St
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Solidarity Hull CIC