Welcome people, we are Solidarity Hull CIC

Solidarity is a growing community of young people in Hull, who come from many different countries of the world. We dream of becoming a rich mix of people with talents and skills, learning together to live good lives here in Hull (and the UK). We want to make Solidarity Hull a place where young people and young adult from all over the world work together to make a second home in an atmosphere of equality and belonging; a space where we are free to make mistakes and learn from them, where we build the confidence to dream our dreams, discover our talents, share our skills, our stories and support our families in Hull (and the UK).

We aim to:

  • Make spaces where we treat each other as we want others to treat us
  • Learn to work together to bring about change for all people of all nations through the use of popular education and creative arts.
  • Learn to use our imaginations, share our skills and talents, and show others in Hull, in the UK and in the world, who we really are.
  • Support our families to settle in Hull (and the UK).

If you want to join us please follow links in Contact us page of this website.

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