About us

Solidarity Hull

Solidarity Hull is a community organisation run by and for people from around the world. Through a process of critical education, that creates a space of belonging and support, we aim to grow our confidence whilst celebrating and critiquing our cultural identities allowing us to enter in to genuine dialogue with the wider community to bring about positive change on a local, national and international level.


  • To have our own space where we create a home based on belonging, love, peace, and freedom where we can celebrate differences, whilst respecting each other, building a community of understanding.
  • To explore the wider context of refugee and migrant experiences and to reclaim a language which is often dehumanising and creates negative labels. We want to share our experiences and daily struggles to raise awareness about the realities in our communities, discuss ideas and gain inspiration to act upon them.
  • To utilise popular education and experiential learning as a collective, learning from one another and sharing our learning with others.
  • To identify and name the world we live in – analyse the problems we face and find possible solutions.
  • To create spaces for genuine and engaging dialogue where we can explore the realities and differences between countries of our origin to take actions to bring about change.
  • To investigate the mode of production, where resources come from, causes of war, the forced displacement of people and sharing our experiences to challenge and create alternative and egalitarian means of production.
  • Expressing and discovering our hidden gifts and skills using creative arts and other means.
  • To be a self-determined and self-reliant organisation, creating a wider network and movement, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To continue our journey of empowerment by sharing and learning from each other and using our power to bring about positive change.
  • To challenge stereotypes and discrimination such as racism and sexism, to discuss these issues within our own community but also with the wider community. To provoke emotions, encouraging people to look beyond first impressions to create understanding and empathy.
  • To seek the leadership of women.
  • To utilise collective strategies – To create politics for people, not politicians.
  • To celebrate and explore how we create our identities, our similarities as well as our differences to enable us to grow as a movement.
  • As a collective based in Hull we want to learn to better navigate the city in order to support others and ourselves in coping and thriving in new places and spaces. Contributing to a welcoming community.