Food Justice

#Fight isolation by reducing loneliness in people’s lives during this pandemic. – 07/12/2020

For the past few years Solidarity Hull CIC have been deeply involved in researching and understanding the importance of concepts of food justice and food sovereignty as we have learnt the importance for our communities to eat well in order to maintain good health. This pandemic has highlighted that we are the most affected by this virus due to food poverty issues. Last week Solidarity Hull CIC supported more than 30 families in our community throughout food justice by providing fresh foods to those affected by Coronavirus, those who have lost their job so far because of the pandemic, for our elderly people and for those who are self-isolating. Via this food justice project we encourage people to cook at home and eat fresh and nutritious foods during this pandemic as this will help us to have a good immune system that can fight the virus and stay healthy. We are also running  cooking sessions online . We aim to fight isolation, loneliness and stress during this pandemic. We will keep posted on all events but please get in touch with us.

 Food Justice Event #2 – BBQ – 13.05.17


Last weekend solidarity hull held its second food justice event bringing together 30 people to cook, enjoy a wonderful bbq, and watch an amazing documentary called ilha das flores from brazil. The documentary follows the path of a tomato from garden to dump whilst examining how human beings treat each other and our relationships with food. Following the documentary we used a fish bowl technique to discuss the links between freedom and food. The technique brought interesting discussions surrounding links between skin colour/women and food, basic needs, modes of production and employment, the oppressive system of capitalism, excessive food packaging and much more. Solidarity hull is going to continue to explore food security and justice and how it experience from people of different nationalities, ethnicities and genders. We will keep people posted on all events but please get in contact if you’re interested in explore these ideas collectively.


Food Security project Solidarity Hull – LAUNCH EVENT – 14.01.17


Solidarity Hull launched our food security project with the preparation and consumption of a delicious dinner cooked by several members from different parts of the world. Among those of us, there were people from ten different nationalities: Congo, Tanzania, Colombia, Argentina, Kurdistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Britain.

The main idea of this project is for us to collectively start unravelling the term “Food Security” contributing with our findings to the wider movement on food security and food sovereignty in the UK, which is in need of a clear government food policy. This project is being developed in partnership with the People’s Knowledge Collective of the Centre for Agro-ecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University.