On the 7th December 2019, Solidarity Hull supported refugees by providing supplier for decorating a venue for bringing people together and create positive atmosphere for families, Young people including children to share their experiences, stories, joy and happiness and have fun.

Solidarity Hull  thought of this act of bringing our community together, by working in partnership with other local organisation like Borashaba, including Women Force Vision, It creates a culture which can help us create even more fandom and that ultimately leads to more spreading of our support, advice, ideas to overcome problems we face and to work in partnership with other refugee communities in the area.

A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to socialise or to participate in social events because of stress of life, mental health problems, anxiety or there don’t know where to go. Social events are good, it created positive and friendly environment for family and young people including children. This event inspires a lot of people because you get the opportunity to share your experiences with others, whilst eating together.

This event was successful because it gained people the opportunity to meeting new people, have fun, food and friendship.  Also Solidarity Hull is opening space where people can share their joy, happiness, stories and experiences as well as knowing where they can seek help when needed.