Our end of year event

On the 7th December 2019, Solidarity Hull organised our end of year event. Together we decorated a venue and brought people together creating a positive atmosphere for families; with many young people, including children. We shared experiences, stories, joy and happiness and had lots of fun.

Solidarity Hull co-created this event in collaboration with Borashaba and Women Force Vision; through this partnership we brought our community together and we felt stronger. By working in collaboration we aimed to create a culture of freedom and mutual support for us all, where everyone feels appreciated in a safe space.

Many of us do not usually have the opportunity to socialise or to participate in social events, due to stress, mental health issues; anxiety, or simply there are not many places for us to go where we feel safe and which are culturally appropriate. Our social events are necessary as they create positive and friendly environment for families and young people, including children. These events inspire lots of people because you get the opportunity to share your experiences with others, whilst eating together food that we cook.

Our event was a success as many people expressed that they were able to meet people, make new friends and share and share alike, having fun and eating delicious food.