Residentials have been one of the most powerful experiences for Solidarity Hull, as they not only bring people together and deepen relationships, but also have played an integral part in the development of organisational capacity. Through these experiences, we are able to share our stories, learn from one another and encourage participation as we set out to work together for positive change. Below are some reflections about the importance of residentials:

 ‘The trip to wales that was very important to me, to spend time together, to chat and share food. To learn something new, the exercises that we did. I learnt a lot about the history of Solidarity Hull, what solidarity has been through. It is important; it is a learning process’ (Rinas)

‘Learning and hearing peoples stories has been a real eye opener to be able to share stuff about myself, you know hard stuff and get angry, not at each other, but with each other. About the world, about life, about the system, about sexism’ (Maria)