Solidarity Hull is providing BASIC English to our community refugees and immigrants background but because of this pandemics we have to follow the government guidance and keep social distance. however, we still provide online services during this period. We have our online friendly WhatsApp group please see our contact us , you are  more than welcome to join us.!

Solidarity aim is to support participants how to grow individual and collective resilience in our communities reclaim the joy of learning together and sharing our experiences even, by creating generative space where everybody can shine facilitate positive relationships that are key for good results.

During this pandemic , Solidarity Hull is providing online support, this including:

  • Reading letters for those who need help with English.
  • Guidance and advice about COVID-19.
  • Contact us for  free translation in different languages
  • Help with shopping
  • Applying for benefits or Job search
  • Help with writing CV 
  • Home search and housing repair.

On a weekly basis we utilise alternative education methods to encourage English language skills by utilising tools such as participatory collective reading and critical film nights supporting people who have newly arrived in the country with their English skills and encouraging critical education and learning.