Film Documentary

Coronavirus film in Swahili // #covid19

The support that our community needs as well as creating a short movie raising awareness about Covid 19 in Swahili. This is because most of our community speaks Swahili. It also helped us to be able to put subtitles in English so many more people can understand the meaning of our film. The film encouraged people to self-isolate, follow government guidelines, wear masks and to encourage covid vaccination take up. This is important for our community because BAME people have some fears and misinformation about the Covid 19. They needed to know Covid 19 does not discriminate against race and so anybody can get Covid 19.

Food Justice docu-film

Combining Participatory Video (PV) and Participatory Action Research we have produced a short docu-film based on dialogue and knowledge around food justice issues in Hull. Alongside out partners NOMAD, Mans Shed and Coventry University we hope to contribute our informed knowledge to UK Food Policy. We have a hosted a number of community events, been out onto the streets of Hull to interview local people and visited local farms to find out more about Food Justice in Hull.  Please see our film in the link below