Make donation now and change the future. No matter how small or big can change someone’s life forever. Solidarity Hull support wide community outside UK helping families who are in poverty and young people including children around the world. Whether you have made a one off gift, monthly donation or sharing our page, THANK YOU.

There are many issues that many families and young people including children are facing the difficulty challenges in our community.

The support including;


Helping children to reach their full potential. helping every child around the world, we make sure children are safe and healthy. We support children to learn, grow and be who they want to be.

Young Girls:

In many African societies, the girl child is seen as an object for sexual gratification. They are born, raised to be wives and given to men as old as their fathers because it is believed the girl child came to this world to procreate. The girl child has become endangered in many African countries. They shouldn’t be subjected to suffering, abuse and deprivation.


Most countries in Africa , women being raped in front of their children and left them to be vulnerable. We reply on donations and funding to keep our projects running, for your kindness please contact us or give us a call. We are always happy to hear from you.

If you would to donate to our organisation please contact us on email or call provided below:


Phone: 07501867458