Growing Solidarity


Solidarity Hull spent a wonderful residential weekend at Braich Goch.  During the weekend we explored Solidarity Hull as an organisation, how we might grow and develop in the future using creative tools. We started out on Thursday each creating a unique six part story, developing a character to represent Solidarity and the process of setting up as an organisation. We asked ourselves what might help and hinder us in this process and what do we envisage Solidarity Hull to be like in the future.  The following day we came together using body mapping to explore Solidarity Hull further as a collective, to discuss the roots of Solidarity, the skills we all bring, both individually and as a collective, our vision for Solidarity Hull, our dreams and our desires,  our responsibilities and our emotions. The body map is a work in progress and we would not be complete without the creative contributions of all Solidarity members.

In true Solidarity spirit we also took the time to be together, to play, laugh, walk, dance, cook and eat wonderful food and share with each other whilst exploring our the majestic surroundings, in Corris and Machynlleth.





Update: Leaving Creator College

The last few months have been a difficult time for Solidarity Hull. To be honest, that is putting it mildly. In early February we moved to our new home at Creator College. Excited for the future we began to settle in to this new space. As a collective, we all pitched in, cleaning, decorating and organising workshops.  We turned a blank canvas into a space where people felt a sense of belonging, a space we could call our own and, most importantly, which felt like home.

To celebrate, Solidarity Hull began organising an event to showcase all of the wonderful work we have been doing over the last few months and to bring more people to join Solidarity. The event centred on theatre, music, dance and art. We invited friends from all over Hull, from up and down the country to share this experience with us.  We had also invited a participatory video film maker to help us document this journey.

All geared up for the event, we were working hard to put the final touches on performances and prepare the space to welcome everyone to Solidarity Hull’s new home. We arrived at Creator College early in the morning the day before the event and found one of the landlords in the office. We were essentially told due to the collapse of the organisation, from whom we had been letting a space we needed to move out of by the end of the day. With no notice, we were homeless. We had no choice but to pack up all of our belongings and contact everyone invited to cancel the event and leave.

The community railed around us and we were offered a space to house our belongings at the Annex and a local art space, Ground, offered us a space to host our event.  In spite of everything that happened that day, we came together to share in each other’s company, we decided to lift our spirits by enjoying food and having a much needed party!!

We learnt an awful lot from this experience and we are still in between homes and we are actively looking for space where to house ourselves. It is sad to see how this has affected the momentum, with people being dispersed and effectively the group being left homeless.  We are hopeful that we will find a space here in Hull that we can call our own, where we are not called refugees, migrants, asylum seekers or clients but people. Where we won’t be kicked out and where we can continue to grow as a family, our projects and our visions for the future.

We are temporarily based at Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull HU3 2TR.

Love and Hugs, Solidarity Hull xx